Pocket Tanks Updates | Mini Tanks, New Weapons

What’s new in this set of Pocket Tanks updates?


  • Mini Tanks is FREE, with 40 armaments at your disposal.
  • Buying the Deluxe upgrade: More armaments, and access to weapon packs, free and paid.
  • Play online, or on one device near the PC or a friend.
  • Up to 320 armaments currently available. More armaments are continually in development.
  • A modest game of strategy and aptitude for the whole family.

Random Updated Weapons


In this new set of Pocket Tanks updates: Weapons are arranged by an expansion pack, and then alphabetically.
Hopefully, this allows you to find a particular armament relatively quickly.


Fires ten small Crafts, five to one side of your focus, five to the extra side. When they land, the ones that stayed shot short of the target will move forward; the ones round earlier the mark will move back. Each one organizes 10 damage and has a tremendously tiny blast. (That’s a total of 100 damage if all of them hit, in case you can’t fix arithmetic.) Complete, the uses for this armament are pretty broad, as the cruisers go quite far; but, it is vulnerable by the tendency of the blast of one craft to lift the tank up and allow others to truly pass under the tank. The disruptive only worsens when the cruisers not only pass up the opponent tank but go all the means back to yours. All in all, but, this is a pretty good weapon from the latest Pocket Tanks updates!


Ardours one projectile; once the bullet gets close to the enemy or hits the pulverized, it bursts into 75 bees. The bees bound on the territory a bit, and act a lot like Heat hunters otherwise. Each bee does…one point of damage with an essentially non-existent blast radius. So we’re not exactly watching at an instant game-winner now (even if near are a lot of bees, only about half of them will actually hit).

Overall, though, it is a nice little weapon, since you don’t need to be very accurate to score ideas with it.


Makes a wall, just like the Magic Wall, except this one is quite a bit quicker and also a little thinner. But, this wall is made totally of bouncy dirt. It’s mainly apologetic (just plop it downcast right in front of you and watch the other players miss totally as they try to routine the wind to bend around it), but, you can also use it as an attacking aid (shoot it overdue your opponent to bound shots into their tank). There are sufficient other practices for it, too.

Essentially, it is an apologetic weapon. You would perhaps do better with an Armour or Shelter, but if neither of those exists, this is your next choice.


This is a fairly simple firearm. It fires ten shots in a small spread, each bullet with a tiny blast area that does 5 damage. It’s a nice firearm if you have a Funnel or if your opponent is very close, in which event you should be able to move all the shots to hit; otherwise, imagine to get only around 25 points with a flawless shot.

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