Pocket Tanks Features | Online Pocket Tanks Weapons

How artillery games work, is mostly quite all the same. But unlike the usual kinds of artillery games, Pocket Tanks possesses a huge weapon arsenal. You can get to endlessly play around with the weapons in Target Practice! In this guide, you will find a list of the best weapons you can use for your online Pocket Tanks sessions.

Spider Weapon

  • Single Shot Weapon – The default weapon system, medium explosion and a high chance of points
  • Big Shot Weapon – Large explosion radius, but the chance of having points are low
  • 3 shot Weapon – 3 big bullets spread, medium explosion and a very low chance of points per explosion
  • 5 shot Weapon – Spreading 5 bullets a medium explosion and a very low chance of points per explosion
  • Jackhammer Weapon – Bullet will bounce straight up 5x time, lots of fun to use
  • Heatseeker Weapon – If the bullet gets close to the opponent’s tank, is flies toward it
  • Tracer Weapon – Fires a spread of 5 bullets that tell you how much to change your angle for the next turn
  • Pile Driver Weapon – Small amount of damage, but explosions are directed down creating a hole
  • Dirt Mover Weapon – Directional dirt removal based on the angle when fired
  • Crazy Ivan Weapon – Proximity based multi-warhead with unusual yet fun results
  • Spider Weapon – Spider web effect that sprays the closes tank when it goes off
  • Sniper Rifle Weapon – No explosion radius, large points, throws the tank nicely, deadly

Superstar Weapon

  • Magic Wall Weapon – Vertical wall will grow where the bullet lands
  • Dirt Slinger Weapon – V-shape dirt effect based on location where bullet lands
  • Zapper Weapon – Laser beam emits from bullet if it gets close to tank
  • Napalm Weapon – Exploding liquid that covers and burns everything caught in its wake
  • Hail Storm Weapon – Hundreds of bouncing ice pellets that flow along the ground
  • Ground Hog Weapon – Ground weapon that tunnels through the dirt and explodes on other side
  • Worm Weapon – Ground weapon that tunnels through dirt, but tries to dig upward
  • Homing Worm Weapon – Same as worm, but stops when it passes under tank and rises upward
  • Skipper Weapon – Skips a number of times before exploding
  • Chain Reaction Weapon – Random explosions in the general area where the bullet landed
  • Pineapple Weapon – Shell explodes when close to a tank, emitting a large number of tiny but highly damaging explosions
  • Firecracker Weapon – Horizontal spread of explosions based on where the bullet lands
  • Homing Missile Weapon – Stops horizontal speed when it passes over a tank
  • Dirt ball Weapon – Dirt forms where bullet lands

Mr. Freeze!

  • Tommy Gun Weapon – A very satisfying automatic machine gun-style weapon
  • Mountain Mover Weapon – Explosion removes dirt, but takes no points from tank
  • Scatter Shot Weapon – 5 bullets spread upward where bullet lands
  • Cruiser Weapon – Bullet ‘cruises’ along terrain for a few seconds before exploding
  • Fireball Weapon – Super DX-Ball’s Fireball power-up makes a cross-over appearance
  • Flea Circus Weapon – Lots of ‘flea’ bots hop around looking for a reason to explode
  • Super Star Weapon – Flying star explodes into 3 pieces then orbits and fires at tank
  • Drillers Weapon – Multiple drilling warheads become homing missiles when underground
  • Gamma Blaster Weapon – Magnetized gamma radiation particles fly through air and terrain

And there you have it – The weapons make the game, folks – and having access to over 100 of them really make online Pocket Tanks seem good and new every single round.

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