Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks | Starting the Game

Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks

Pocket Tanks is a really good strategy game. This is a Pocket Tanks tips and tricks guide on how to get started in the game. Pocket Tanks is similar to online catapult games like Worms. Don’t have the game yet? If you have a desktop or MAC, or want to play on mobile, click here!

After installing the game on your computer, all that’s left to do is PLAY!

Step 2: Starting Out

It’s important that you read through this entire step by step guide before starting the game because the controls aren’t all that easy to understand. The first thing you need to do upon entering the game is to select the right terrain and conditions. So, it’s best for beginners to apply flats or island lands as their terrain to play with. How do you select? Head on to the main page and click on the button called “options”. Simply keep clicking the word until it says “Flats”. The other options do not matter as much and are up to you.

Step 3: Starting the Actual Game

After selecting the terrains and coming back to the main page, you’d need to start practicing. On the Main page, click on “Target Practice”. This is like having two players but you get all the weapons! Target practice is exactly what it means. You need to practice your different weapons in this environment so you become used to using them! You don’t want to face opponents with shots that keep missing the mark or are misused. This is a safe environment to try out all these moves; especially when you’re unsure about them!

OK, so first, point your gun to 280 degrees. Change the weapon selected to be “Dirt Mover”, and turn up the power till it reaches 99. Press Fire. You will drop straight down! For this Pocket Tank tips and tricks, we want you to be able to hide yourself from the enemy. This method is called burrowing. Right, so we’re halfway done with our strategy here. Repeat this until your tank is facing a wall of the underground soil! Continue on until your tank finally finds the land-bed below – the grey area.

Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks

This makes attacking you extremely difficult and frustrating (Well, unless your opponent implements the exact same Pocket Tanks tips and tricks on you)! OK, hold up. Before you start celebrating and rejoicing, know that the opponent can counter your burrowing by sending over a “Direct Homing Missile”. In order to stay in the game and not get decimated by the missile, choose “Weapon Dirt Slinger” and then shoot it 89 degrees into the air. The dirt will cover your pocket tank and create a protective shelter so the homing missile can’t get you anymore. Your strategy in this game is all about the defensive. Keep defending yourself – and annoy your opponent!

Download Pocket Tanks now and start playing!